Jackson Open Prize Money Tournament

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This tournament will be using social distancing, a virtual tennis desk, and additional cleaning and disinfecting to make it safe for players, spectators and volunteers.


October 24-25, 2020

Sign up deadline – Oct. 18th at 11:59 pm

USTA Sanctioned 150 STA / 150 TN

QUESTIONS: Contact Tournament Director – Ted Mealsey — 731-697-6927 or email jwttatennis@gmail.com

This is the companion tournament for the Tennessee State Open for registration to the open divisions. Registration is open on Tennislink. This tournament is for USTA members. Please see below for COVID-19 procedures including the virtual tennis desk using Match App to put players on court and report scores.


This is the tournament for the OPEN DIVISIONS ONLY. This is for players who want to play in either Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Men’s Doubles Open or Women’s Doubles Open, . The open divisions will be prize money divisions. This does not apply to Mixed Doubles Open. Players for mixed open should sign up in the Tennessee State Open Adult Tournament. THERE WILL BE NO OPEN DIVISIONS IN THE TENNESSEE STATE OPEN ADULT TOURNAMENT – except for Mixed and certain juniors who qualify. All other open divisions will be played here.

Cost — $86.50 singles / $45.00 doubles. The Prize Money will be based on number of entries with $40 per singles player and $40 per doubles team going to the pot.

POT SPLIT -75% prize money to 1st, and 25% prize money to 2nd.

For example: If there are 20 players in the Men’s Open Division, there is $800 prize money. 1st place – $600 and 2nd place – $200.

If you want to play in any other divisions besides open, please see the Tennessee State Open Adult Tournament page – CLICK HERE

AdDitional Notes:

All tournament rules are found on Tennislink tournament pages. Players must have a cell phone and use Match App for the virtual tennis desk.

  • After the draw is complete, players must register again with the Match! Tennis App. NOTE: When you fill out the registration/waiver on Match! Tennis App, it will ask you for your “parent” or “chaperone”. Please put in your own name in these fields as this is designed for junior entries.
  • Play/Reporting Scores: Players please, arrive on site ready for play for each match approximately 30 minutes before first scheduled match time. Be sure to check in withMatch! Tennis App. When you check this means that you are on site and ready to go on court as soon as your match is called. Matches will be called through Match! Tennis App.
  • Report your scores after your match using Match! Tennis App before you leave the court. You will get your next match time through the tournament website. Text messages or emails will be used to communicate with players. Be sure you check the website frequently for a new match time after your first match.
  • Players are to bring own water, ice and any food needed with them on their court. Hand sanitizer will be available on each court. Players should use sanitizer at least each time they change sides of court. Players will be able to sit on benches at court. Use of score device will be available. Please players only touch the tennis balls on the scoring device which are for YOUR score, not your opponent.
  • Tennis balls will be at your assigned court and should be left there after you have reported your scores.
  • Masks and/or social distancing will be observed at all times by spectators and players. Suggest spectators bring a lawn chair to enable social distancing.
  • Bathrooms will be limited to one person at a time. Bathrooms will be cleaned regularly for safety of all.