SUMMER Flex League – Sign up

This is a flexible format league where a schedule is published and the players contact their opponents and set up a date, and a time and location to play their match. Scores are reported on tennislink, but matches do not count towards your rating. All age levels are combined into one bracket.

  • $15 league fee
  • 6 weeks of match play fun (on your schedule)
  • Register Now!!! – Registration closes on June 29th
  • Play begins June 30 and ends August 5
  • Sign up for singles, doubles, or mixed (or all)
  • Flex League Rules – Click here

Questions: email – or call/text Kim Mitchell at 239-822-5488

HERE’S HOW TO REGISTER — You are not required to have a USTA membership, but you do need to have a log in to USTA. 

Signups are open right now so don’t wait. Participants will be divided by skill level but you do not need to have a NTRP rating to join us. You can sign up for singles, doubles and/or mixed.

We have tried to improve the sign up process so see the NEW instructions below.  However, if you have any trouble at all, just email me at or call/text Kim’s cell at 239-822-5488 and she will be happy to help you out.


If you are not a USTA member, you must first create an account with USTA (not become a member) which is free.
Go to:
This will give you an USTA Account Number – write it down and follow the next set of steps
If you have a USTA account number (or member number):

FIRST– Check the attached document – or scroll down below to determine your “TEAM NUMBER” based on your level and what league you want to join. Then do the following:

• Go to

• You may also get there by going to, choose Play-USTA League-Sign up with Team #
• If you are already signed into your account, the screen should populate your member number, phone number and email address
• Just put in your TEAM NUMBER (choose from the list attached) and then click continue
• The next screen shows the event you are signing up for and requests payment – put in your payment info and click continue
• The next screen should be your “congratulations” screen (confirmation that you signed up)
• Your partner will need to sign up also (we will put partners together, just email and tell us your partner)
• Sign up on a second team and a third team if you want to play singles, doubles and mixed

Please sign up as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us with any sign up troubles or playing questions. We want this to be as stress free as possible. League starts next week!

Kim Mitchell/Sara Barnett


Men’s Singles 

2.5 – 7042741183 

3.0 – 7042741184 

3.5 – 7042741185 

4.0/4.5 – 7042740641 

Women’s Singles 

2.5 – 7042741201 

3.0 – 7042741187 

3.5 – 7042741188 

4.0/4.5 – 7042741189 

Men’s Doubles 

6.0 – 7042741194 

7.0 – 7042741195 

8.0+ – 7042741196 

Women’s Doubles 

6.0 – 7042741197 

7.0 – 7042741198 

8.0+ – 7042741199 

Mixed Doubles 

6.0 – 7042741191 

7.0 – 7042741192 

8.0+ – 7042741193