Everyone makes their own schedule which is why we call it “flex”. So, you can play any opponent during any week or weekend. All you need to do is contact each of your opponents and schedule your matches. Please be “flexible” when determining playing times as everyone will have other commitments during the course of the league so we will need to be open to playing when it is best for both players. Home team brings balls.

HOW TO PLAY: We will play the best 2 sets out of 3 with the third set being a 10 point tiebreak as opposed to a full set. We will use ad scoring (regular scoring). Set tiebreakers will be to 7 points.


You will need your match number (the number next to the match on the emailed schedule) and your USTA login.

  • If you are not logged into USTA, you will need to log in. 
  • Type in the Match number. Hit “Next”.   (Match number is on the original email with the schedule)
  • Type in the date the match was played.
  • For each court, select the players.  
  • Enter the scores from the perspective of the winner.   Under the player’s names, select who the winner was.
  • When, done, select “Next”. Review scores.  If all looks good select, “Finish”.  

Either player can enter scores. Only the Local Tennis Organizer can change a score that has been entered.

NOTE ON HOW TO ENTER SCORES. – It is Best of three sets with a set tiebreak (first to 7 points by 2) at 6-6 in any set.  The third set will be first to 10 points by 2. Set tiebreak.

If the THIRD SET IS PLAYED you need to enter the score as follows:

  • 7-5 if the winner had more than 10 points
  • 6-4 if it was decided by 2 points such as 10-8
  • 6-3 if it was 10-7, 10-6, or 10-5
  • 6-2 if it was 10-4, or 10-3
  • 6-1 if it was 10-2 or 10-1
  • 6-0 if it was 10-0

NOTE: You can also enter scores in the USTA Mobile app.  Contact Sara or Kim if you need help with the app.  You need to select the proper league (team) in the app, and then select schedule and find the match. Add scores will be below the match when you click on it.

If you have any problems reporting scores, please let us know!! Email: or call/text Kim Mitchell at 239-822-5488 or Sara Barnett at 731-616-7651