Junior Tennis

10 and Under

10 and Under Tennis is a chance for kids to learn without the pressure of a huge court and heavy racket. 10 and Under Tennis uses racquets, balls, and courts that are sized right for kids. Kids are able to rally and play tennis shortly after picking up a racquet!

Rally Cats

A Beginner Youth Tennis League for kids ages 4-10 designed to introduce kids to the game in a fun, team based environment. Smaller courts and equipment allow kids to reach their full potential, all while making new friends in a fun environment! You can sign up for the next Rally Cats session in Jackson here or http://www.rallycatstennis.com

Play Days and Tennis Festivals

A Play Day or Festival allows kids to compete with players of similar age and skill level or just try out tennis for the first time. The emphasis is just on fun and trying out tennis!

USTA Junior Team Tennis anD JUNIOR LEAGUES

USTA Junior Team Tennis allows kids to play on a team with other junior players of their own level and age. There are non-advancing and advancing leagues (which go to JTT state championships). We also have other leagues for juniors throughout the year.

Ted Measley Tennis Academy for juniors